• Lily is one of the noblest flowers known to mankind. For example, it was often used in heraldry, and many kings and emperors chose it as their symbol. Lily is the embodiment of elegance, sophistication, luxury and nobility. And that is why murals with such a flower are ways to decorate any room – living room, bedroom, study or office.
  • We make wallpaper with lilies from high quality materials using modern technologies. For example, we use Japanese paints with excellent saturation and color reproduction, thanks to which they are able to embody all the richness of tones and shades of this noble plant. A dense
  • European material and high-quality coating complement the premium look of our wallpapers. Imagine that there is a huge photograph of a lily hanging on your wall. This is what our wallpaper looks like.
  • Premium materials ensure the durability and practicality of the wallpapers from our catalog. They do not fade or fade in the sun, retaining the brightness of the shades for many years. They do not deteriorate, do not turn yellow and do not crack. Even after decades, the wallpaper will look as bright as it did on the first day after purchase.
  • We make custom-made wallpaper. Our designers will adapt the image to the size of the wall – just specify the height and width of the canvas at checkout. You can also order and buy truly individual wallpapers from us – for example, correct tones and shades or replace any element of the pattern.
  • By using high quality materials and state of the art technology, we keep the prices of lily wallpaper affordable. They are certainly not the lowest on the market, but they are fully justified. Brightness, saturation, detail, image resolution of our wallpapers are higher than those of competitors. This is not just a “decoration material”, but a real interior decoration.
  • Wallpaper delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine and beyond. We make and deliver them as quickly and accurately as possible. As a rule, wallpapers arrive at our customers within a few days after ordering.
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