• Lotus is one of the most complex and beautiful flowers. Many concepts in Eastern teachings are associated with it; it is a perfect flower that bewitches the eye. The lotus symbolizes life, happiness, purity, perfection. It is famous for its delicate leaves and ability to float with dignity, it cannot live without water, but its upper part is in the air. The lotus combines all the best qualities of the Universe and our planet. He is loved by yogis and tourists, he is beautiful, he is bright, but at the same time discreet.
  • Lotus wallpaper from our store can bring beauty and harmony to your home. They are bright and rich, dense and durable. We produce them on modern equipment, using high quality materials – a dense European base, Japanese paints with excellent color rendering. The wallpapers presented in our catalog do not fade and do not deteriorate, do not turn yellow and do not tear over time. Even after many years, they will be as bright as the first day after pasting.
  • You can order truly individual lotus wallpaper from us. Our designers will adapt images to the size of the wall – just specify the width and height of the canvas. In addition, we can edit the photos on the wallpaper – for example, change the colors.
  • Customized wallpaper is quick to produce – as a rule, it is ready to ship the very next day after the design has been agreed upon. We pack them carefully and hand them over for delivery. We ship all over the world, so on our website you can buy wallpaper both in Ukraine and in other countries. Prices are always adequate and affordable.
  • Still have questions? Just call us on one of the phones listed in the “Contacts” section. We are ready to give professional advice and a detailed answer to any of the questions regarding the characteristics and parameters of wallpaper, methods of purchase, payment and delivery.