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Rules for the selection of photo wallpaper for the living room

To make the living room original and unique, you can glue themed wallpaper in it.  Moreover, its interior can  become more modern and at the same time much more comfortable. The main thing that  wall covering matched  with the furnishings of the living room and the whole house.

You can mark the wallpaper in the living room anywhere: next to the TV, in the recreation area, near the window. Nap: turquoise,  blue,  green color  example,  photomurals with the image of the sea,  nature  or the beach will be great for relaxation. They can also be used to divide the space into functional areas. This is especially true for a studio apartment.

How to choose wallpaper for the living room?

  • The whole family spends considerable time in the living room. It must be remembered that the photowall-paper that will be glued in the hall should be liked by each of its members. Therefore, when choosing a wall decoration, listen to the opinion of each of them.
  • If you want to visually enlarge the space of the room, then choose wallpaper containing dark tones: turquoise,  blue,  green, aqua. Contribute to the visual expansion of space, the use of images with perspective.
  • If the room does not have enough natural light, then you need to choose wallpaper in which warm colors prevail:  Red,  yellow,  Orange.
  • When choosing a photo wallpaper print, keep in mind that it should only evoke positive emotions and cheer up both the owners themselves and their guests.
  • When choosing wallpaper for sticking in the TV area, remember that they should be discreet so as not to distract attention from the screen.
  • By choosing texture for photo wallpaper , it is necessary to consider the style of the interior. If your living room is decorated in a classic style, then a photo wallpaper with the image of the creations of famous artists and the texture “painting” is perfect for it. In a high-tech room, discreet paintings with the texture of “sand”, “smooth” or “decorative plaster” will look good. And with the avant-garde style, bright paintings on the texture “sand” or “geometric ornament” are perfectly combined.

In our catalog you can familiarize yourself with a huge selection of high-quality ornaments and images and order  photo wallpaper for living room  according to individual sizes. In addition, we can make murals based on your images.

You can get additional advice by calling the phone number listed on our website or order a call back. Our staff is ready to answer all your questions. Call and order original wallpaper that will add coziness and individuality to your living room!

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