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What interior color to choose

Most of our life is spent in some kind of indoor or outdoor space. And the influence of the colors of this room on our general condition cannot be greatly overestimated. After all, most of us more than once experienced certain inconveniences if an uncomfortable atmosphere developed around us precisely because of the combination of colors. And our task is to choose a paint that will completely suit us.

In each country, such problems are solved in their own way. For example, in the Scandinavian countries, white is considered the most comfortable color. There is even a procedure designed to heal stress. Its essence lies in the fact that people gather in absolutely white rooms who wrap themselves in white sheets and spend their time in this way, just sitting. And psychologists themselves have been trying for more than a dozen years to solve the problem of finding out the specific effect of each of the colors on the general condition of a person.

During the development of a certain interior design it is imperative to consider the combination of different colors. But at the same time, it is important to understand how everyone who is going to live here reacts to this or that color. After all, it is not only and not so much the general aesthetic perception that is important. Optical comfort should be one of the main components of the choice of the range.

The range of colors for the room is selected on the basis of general laws, which, in turn, are based on the achievements of optical science, as well as the theory of color combination. If your goal is to visually expand the space, then you should pay attention to the predominance of light tones. Dark ones, on the contrary, will give the impression that the room is closer than it really is. For example, blue paint in cool tones gives the impression of a shift in color farther from the boundary of our perception. Red will narrow the space. The ceilings must definitely be made in the light spectrum, which will make it possible to achieve the visible height of the ceilings. Therefore, rarely does anyone use dark paint to decorate ceilings, which gives the impression of heaviness.

Years of research into our color perception allowed us to establish that the gamut that surrounds us largely depends on how time and things around us affect us. For example, red tones make time longer. At the same time, red makes objects more massive and significant. But green works exactly the opposite. According to research, the temperature in a room with walls and other elements painted blue or green is slightly lower. Of course, according to the sensations.

Your own home space should be taken exclusively as a shelter from everyday worries. This is a warm place to go back to after work. Home is a place where you escape from the problems that constantly surround us. And therefore, it is extremely important that the environment meets all the described criteria. And, of course, this primarily concerns the interior colors that reflect our way of life.

Before choosing these or those colors, be sure to decide which colors are your favorite and which ones cause a feeling of discomfort. Each of our favorite colors will truly create a sense of calmness within us. Of course, “color” preferences can change dramatically over time. This may be due to our condition, a changed position, changes in the style and rhythm of life. But there are such tones, the attitude towards which does not change even after years, since it is they that allow us to find mental and physical harmony and integrity.

In general, it is not necessary to paint an apartment or house in a single color scheme. The best option would be to choose tones for each room individually. The choice will depend, of course, on the tastes and preferences of their inhabitants.

It is best to take your time walking around the house, carefully considering what colors will be appropriate in a particular room. It is worth imagining exactly how this or that room will look if it is repainted in a different color. And if the performance justified the expectation, then we must boldly begin to change everything. But we recommend paying attention for a more interesting option than just painting the room – glue the wallpaper on the wall, thereby making a continuation out of the room that flows into the version of a grape garden, or a field with orchids and tulips, there are also options for a view from the window to the metropolis or a delicate coil of nature.

Of course, our tips and tricks – this is just an impetus for reflection. In the end, it will only depend on you which color scheme will form the basis for the interior design of your house or apartment.

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