Beautiful wallpaper with prints is the best way to revive the interior, give it perfect completeness and unique style.
The best manufacturers use large-format latex printing for these purposes – elite techniques that allow you to achieve photographic quality and brightness of shades.
A popular modern material is non-woven, which is more durable, resistant to abrasion and fire. Vinyl wallpaper that we offer is a two-layer wall covering made of polyvinyl and non-woven backing. They are resistant to moisture, easy to wash and clean, denser and more elastic than paper, while “breathable”.
When choosing wallpaper, it is also important to consider such an indicator as environmental friendliness. Miray standards are hypoallergenic, non-toxic paints from Japan and eco-materials of European production, odorless and harmful impurities, not fading in the sun. They are absolutely safe not only for an adult, but also for children.


You can choose wallpaper with design patterns from a wide range of offers in the catalog. Drawings vary by genre:

  • Realism
  • Animation
  • 3D
  • Abstract

Wall murals give a special depth due to the effect of presence, which gives a photo on the wall. They push the space apart and literally take you to the spot in the picture. Thanks to them, your home or office will become a portal to the ocean shore, a paradise island, a forest thicket, an ancient city in Europe, a night highway, a mountain trail. The frescoes combine the features of a three-dimensional drawing and a stylized antique photographic image. They often use architectural motifs that visually stretch the room, creating an amazing monumentality. Stickers are the easiest way to change and decorate your interior – they are easy to stick on yourself, as well as to remove at any time.

It is crucial to know what you would like to achieve by complementing your room or business space with this unique decoration. It is necessary to take into account the parameters of the room, its function, find out what atmosphere and meaning you want to bring through the decor. If this is a bedroom, then first of all it is worth deciding on the color palette, since this is a seating area and the choice of color is crucial. As a rule, it is recommended to use calm and relaxing tones, as well as light images that would be combined with a soft and airy interior. More dynamic plots and catchy color will suit the study, playroom, dining room, living room, because this is a place for communication, reflection, learning and work. Thanks to the large assortment of textures that we offer, you can use your creativity and imagination, making an order, one hundred percent.

We will help you decide on the technical details, dimensions, and select options for your budget. We deliver quickly to any country.

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