Marine species

  • The seacoasts have a peaceful view. Orange light of the sun setting in the water, calm surf, impressive waves, cozy bays and snow-white beaches of Bora Bora – the images on our photo wallpapers inspire, harmonize, set you up for a creative and working mood. That is why this decor is perfect for any room – living room, bedroom, nursery, study, office, even for public spaces.
  • Wallpaper with sea views in the interior creates a combination of incongruous spaces – but surprisingly harmonious at the same time. And their quality, brightness and detail are so high that the illusion of an open panoramic window is created, behind which there is a pacifying coast, a cozy bay or raging waves. And, of course, this visually increases the space in the room. Therefore, our wallpaper with sea views is very often chosen for smart apartments and studio apartments – to make them visually spacious and more comfortable.
  • All wallpapers that you can buy in our store are made to order from high quality materials. The basis is a dense material of European production. It does not tear, adheres well to the wall, is not impregnated and is resistant to high humidity. The image is applied with
  • Japanese paints with excellent color rendition – they are able to convey millions of shades, the play of light and shadows, neat gradients and natural tone transitions. In addition, this material is UV resistant. Therefore, our wallpapers do not fade in the sun and retain their vibrant colors for many years.
  • You can order truly individual wallpapers from us. The designers of our company MIRAY will adapt the image to the required wall size. Just indicate the dimensions of the canvas when ordering – its width and height. Therefore, our wallpapers look great both in small rooms and in large rooms. Also, designers can change colors, tonality and individual elements of the image from the catalog – just tell us about your wishes when placing an order.
  • The production is carried out on the most modern equipment. Our wallpapers comply with sanitary and hygienic standards and have the necessary certificates confirming hypoallergenicity and safety. Therefore, they can be used even in children’s rooms, where increased requirements are imposed on finishing materials and air purity.
  • The prices for our wallpapers are always affordable. They are, of course, somewhat more expensive than some analogs “from the market”, but they surpass them in quality by several orders of magnitude. Bright, rich and durable – our wallpapers will delight you with beauty for many years, while some materials from competitors often have to be re-glued every few years.
  • We deliver wallpaper throughout Ukraine and to other countries. Delivery is always prompt and accurate – we will deliver quickly and carefully.