Botanical garden in your home

  • Wallpaper with flowers has been a favorite of design-minded homeowners for years and it’s easy to see why. Whether you choose close-up petals or an elegant vintage floral wallpaper, this decor will bring sophistication and drama to your space. Miray offers an incredible variety of buds to choose from, including dainty roses, yellow sunflowers, rainbow pansies, fragile orchids, white daisies, delicate lilies of the valley and noble lotus. Our catalog makes it really easy to find botanical prints that match your furniture and accessories perfectly. We have determined the wallpaper for you by the type of colors and then you can not get lost in this multicolored world and find what you really like.
  • Our bold floral wall murals are a relaxing or romantic addition to any room. Whether it’s an image of a Van Gogh almond blossom, a bouquet of red roses, or an early morning photograph of a sunflower field, one of our extensive collection of flora images is sure to grab your attention and suit your mood. If you just want to calm down – you can choose pictures from an impressive selection
    with green leaves.
  • Some plots are truly unique, for example, photo wallpapers with lavender can make a spectacular dining room, wonderful poppies or peonies can make a living room. Soft chamomile petals will decorate your bedroom wall. Small, detailed, dark floral wallpaper is ideal for cladding small bathrooms or nurseries. Whether you love modern, bright and lighted rooms or traditional darkened living spaces, there is something floral for you.

Botany as a craft

  • Our botanical art category has amazing designs made in various forms of artistic illustration. Handpicked from selected and most memorable designs, each of these items will add juiciness and liveliness to your personal space of choice. This wallpaper with plants and flowers looks elegant and at the same time very lively. They are sure to please you and your guests. Morning fog is one of those sophisticated phenomena that can breathe fresh air into a bedroom, a welcoming wave in a hallway, or liven up a changing atmosphere in an office space. The laconic and clean composition visually rejuvenates, and the blue-green shades evoke a feeling of freshness.
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