Sky and clouds

  • The lightness and weightlessness of the clouds fascinates, and their richness of shades and colors delights. Their views soothe, harmonize, tune in to an inspired, romantic and slightly dreamy mood. That is why our cloud wallpaper is a great decor option for the living room, bedroom and children’s room.
  • One of the important advantages of the “cloud print” is that these open spaces and landscapes visually enlarge the room, making it more spacious and airy. And together with the furniture, a surprisingly harmonious combination of incongruous spaces is created. Therefore, wallpapers with clouds from our catalog are often ordered for small smart apartments and studio apartments – they allow you to make such a house more comfortable, light and spacious.
  • All wallpapers that can be bought in our store are made from premium materials using modern technologies. In particular, the base is always a dense material of European production. It does not tear or decay, it adheres well to the wall and holds securely. She is not afraid of high humidity and temperature drops.
  • Original Japanese ink is used to apply the image. They have a number of advantages over competitors. First, they provide incredible color reproduction – they are able to embody all the richness of shades, tones and natural transitions inherent in clouds. Secondly, they are resistant to the action of ultraviolet study and sunlight – they do not fade, do not fade, even if the windows in the apartment face the south side, thus, they retain brightness and saturation of shades for many years. And finally, they do not contain harmful substances, which allows you to fearlessly use our wallpaper for decorating children’s rooms.
  • You can order truly individual wallpapers from us. Our designers adapt the image to the size of the canvas so that it looks impressive both on huge walls and in small apartments. Just specify the dimensions when ordering. In addition, we can correct the image on the wallpaper – change the tones in accordance with the interior or even individual elements of the picture.
  • Prices for wallpaper produced by MIRAY are always affordable. That is why our products are already widely known both in Ukraine and around the world.
  • We have a fast and accurate delivery of wallpapers. So, in Ukraine we bring wallpaper in just a few days. We deliver wallpapers to other countries as well.
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