Photo wallpaper with cars – life at speeds

  • Oh, do you like the drive, the speed and the magical shine of the metal body? Then you are here – in our catalog, with the help of which you can fulfill your wildest expectations.
  • Transform your living space into a Formula 1 dream with original wallpapers that create a high octane rush. From classic and vintage to sporty and spicy, from tranquil backgrounds to the brightest, choose a car wallpaper that appeals to your interior driver. You’ll find classic quiet backgrounds that create ambiance rather than noise, as well as bold car-focused photos that combine speed, excitement and brute power to satisfy your road addiction. Now change gears and smoothly move to the wall from the cars.
  • Vinyl wallpaper of the highest quality according to European standards is now in your home
  • Cars are more than the means of getting from point A to point B. For many, they are collectibles, a sense of freedom, a hobby, or a symbolic transition into adulthood. Explore our carefully curated collection of car murals to find the design that will get your engine running.
  • If you consider yourself a car enthusiast, then you will jump for joy at these stunning car murals. Find your favorite models and use them to personalize your bedroom, living room, garage or men’s cave. Whether you prefer a chrome retro look or the sleek modern curves of a blood red hypercar, we’ve got the perfect car wallpaper to suit your personal style. Share your passion for innovative engineering or classic curves with Miray Wallpaper that matches personal tastes. Satisfy your inner speed demon with an image of a production car driving past a checkered flag. Decorate your teen or boy’s bedroom with the ultra-modern muscle car mockup on our wall murals.
  • Customize your image just like the wheels
  • Haven’t found a specific make and model of your dream car? Don’t forget that you can provide an image of a rare style or obscure car, or even your own car! If you need help with this interesting case, you can always contact Miray and speak with the account manager.
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