• Balloons are a symbol of lightness, carelessness and joy. And also – they awaken the imagination and the desire to travel. That is why wallpaper with balloons is an excellent decoration for a child’s room. Girls will especially like them. With them, the child will develop, dream and, possibly, become a real traveler who has visited many countries and discovered dozens of cultures.
  • Our designers have created special wallpaper with balloons for children’s rooms. They are made in soft, muted colors, so they will not cause stress on the child’s eyes. Pastel shades soothe, tune in a harmonious way, and reduce fatigue – which is especially important for schoolchildren who have to do a lot of homework.
  • Each wallpaper composition in our catalog is created in order to delight the child. Balloons over Paris or Amsterdam will awaken dreams of travel, airplanes and animals will amuse you, and flower balls will give you pleasant fantasies and sweet dreams. Prints are of high quality, detailed, with well-designed, unobtrusive patterns. They will be pleasant to consider for both children and adults. The catalog includes more than 20 prints, and many of them are universal – they can be pasted over both a boy’s and a girl’s room.
  • For the manufacture of wallpaper, we use high quality and hypoallergenic materials – European materials and Japanese paints. They are completely safe. Therefore, you can buy wallpaper for the nursery even for a very small child. And thanks to the high quality of materials, the wallpaper does not fade or deteriorate.
  • We make custom-made wallpaper. Our designers not only adapt them to the size of the room (just specify the height and width of the wall), but they can also make edits as you wish – for example, repaint or redraw certain elements. As a rule, it takes only a few days to make wallpaper, after which we hand it over for delivery.
  • Wallpaper delivery is made throughout Ukraine, as well as to other countries. We deliver promptly and accurately. Thanks to fast delivery, you will be able to decorate the nursery within a few days after ordering.
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