Children's wallpaper

Charming vinyl wallpaper for a children’s bedroom of high quality made of eco materials will allow you to decorate it, give a thematic mood and originality.

Children’s non-woven wallpaper is a popular and unique way to decorate, transform and zone a space. Recently, it has been gaining momentum thanks to sophisticated modern technologies that make it possible to obtain a variety of textures, palettes and themes. All this rich selection can be used in the enterprise, in the office or in your home. The place where you live and relax can take on a truly exceptional character thanks to the correctly chosen image on the walls of the nursery in accordance with your taste and preferences.

We also offer many children’s stories that you can find with your child.

What could be more important to a girl or boy than their own harmoniously organized place to play, study and sleep? With Miray wallpaper, you will arrange a holiday and make them a truly valuable gift that will be remembered for a lifetime: stick them on the wall and your baby can go on a journey into space or in a hot air balloon, wake up in the jungle or on the seashore, study the map the world, get acquainted with the animals of our planet, imagine yourself as an Indian or a great explorer. Fairy-tale pictures help to develop imagination and daydreaming, realistic pictures – to explore the world, invite to adventure, they will please children and parents. You can choose images and colors depending on the temperament and gender of the child, the general style of the room, and we guarantee that this wallpaper will stay with you for a long time, unless you yourself want to replace it.

Why is it worth ordering from us?

  • Our wall murals are adorable and economical.
  • We use original high-tech components from Japan and Europe – paints are resistant to moisture, aggressive influences and do not fade.
  • They are safe and environmentally friendly.
  • We have a wide range of themes, genres and surfaces. The site contains a voluminous catalog of a wide variety of design proposals.
  • Our innovative latex ink is odorless.
  • We make to order, having previously discussed all the details and wishes of the client. We can change the shade, adjust the drawing to fit the layout, remove or add something in it.
  • We give a 10-year guarantee for our products.
  • With us you will find only real customer reviews.
  • We always stay in touch.