• Travel beyond the stars without leaving your home with space and universe wallpapers! Astronomical wallpapers allow you to visit distant galaxies, look at Earth from the seat of a space shuttle, travel to different planets or admire the full moon. Whatever you choose, our collection of space wallpapers will transform your room into a truly fantastic one. There is no place greater and more exciting than space, and it is always common for people to gaze at the stars and be surprised. Our wide selection of different astronomy and space murals showcase these endless and incredible galaxies, constellations and planets. Stars, lights, planets – fill your room with heavenly delight.
    Three two one…
  • How beautiful and big is the Universe? Embark on an interstellar journey with our cataloged murals from space. Stick them on the wall, then put on your astronaut gear and get ready to ride a blazing comet across the dark, mysterious night sky. Catch a shooting star and make a wish. Land on the moon and jump into deep craters. Discover a new planet floating in the Milky Way galaxy. Board a space rocket and take off to new heights in a fantastic intergalactic space. Find new unopened constellations – the possibilities are endless.
  • Bright, eye-catching, high quality Miray wallpapers are exactly what you need if you dream of uncharted corners of the universe, illuminated by the rainbow light of blazing suns. We offer quality images of constellations, galaxies, nebulae, satellites, our home planet
  • Earth and more! The brightness and brilliance of an astral object, mixed with the darkness of space, create a unique, attention-grabbing image. In such a living room, you will definitely not get bored, and the pictures in the bedroom will take you beyond the Milky Way in your dreams.
  • Are you ready, kids?
    It’s safe to say that any child would love to have their own room decorated with wallpaper dedicated to astronomy and space. We have a choice for every personality and age, whether they prefer bright, bold colors like in our Space landscapes or something like an Astronaut in space in pleasant muted tones.
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