• Mountain panoramas on the wall bring extraordinary monumentality to your space, their presence is breathtaking. This is one of the most popular types of wallpaper for living spaces. Mountains lift the mood, give style, enchant with power, allow you to believe in yourself.
  • Enjoy a wide range of fantastic, whimsical and absolutely realistic landscapes with stunning mountain peaks that Miray offers.
    Vinyl wallpaper is a modern, convenient and unusual approach to decorating a room or office. We use only high-quality ecological materials and paint. They look great in both bulky and small, standard rooms with solid color painted walls.
  • Mountains have existed since time immemorial. They are always waiting for someone to climb on them, sketch them and capture their grandiose nature in various ways. Taste this natural magic and atmosphere by purchasing exquisite murals with mountains.


  • In our catalog of designer wall-paper the range of mountain landscapes of various genres and directions – from modernism to surrealism is presented. If you like natural colors and realistic images, you can choose from a collection of monochrome scenes, or if desired – fabulous mountain peaks in an exotic and extravagant palette. Your imagination comes to life thanks to the wall panels made in pastel technique with an attractive view of purple, lilac and pink peaks with a raging river and bright splashes of spring buds; drawings that harmoniously combine different textures and amazing color scheme; minimalist schematic images in watercolor technique in gentle tones.


  • Birds against the backdrop of inaccessible mountain peaks, animals on secret trails with emerald moss-covered stones, traces of human presence in wild distant places: all this gives a sense of unity with nature and our common home – the blue planet. Photo wall-paper with the nature – a unique chance to change aesthetics of space and to improve the state of health and world outlook. You do not need to go far for this – you can do all this on our website for affordable prices.