• Frescoes are elegant, stylish antique photomurals, suitable for connoisseurs of Hellenism, art and antiquities. They will become a real decoration of a room, especially a spacious one.
  • In the original, these are wall paintings on freshly laid (wet) lime plaster. We associate this type of painting with the Italian Renaissance, however, it is older than it seems. Once upon a time, this technique became widespread in Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Aegean civilizations, frescoes were also found in old cave temples in India.
  • Behind such wall ornaments there is a true historical value and cultural potential, so it is able to convey the spirit of antiquity. Their feature is the architectural inserts under the ancient Roman or ancient Greek aesthetics with elements of its characteristic decor – columns, statues, balconies.
  • Wear-resistant, bright, dense vinyl photomurals made of eco materials will transform the interior of your apartment, country house, office, restaurant, hotel foyer.

Archaic art and new ideas

In our catalog you will find a wide variety of canvases for frescoes, such as:

  • Arches – plots with a frame composition with flowers, an overview of the sea, an island, a century-old city, a fairy forest or jungle.
  • Terraces are paintings that expand the space and lead to the gallery, in front of which there is a picturesque view of the sea, Venice, a garden with fountains, a lake, waterfalls, a tangerine grove, fantastic and fantasy landscapes.
  • Landscapes – beautiful urban or natural panoramas with castles, mysterious streets, palaces, flower gardens, rose gardens, hills and mountains.
  • Patterns – charming patterns with ornaments in the style of stucco molding, relief plastic with ancient heroes, gods and goddesses, Persian, Egyptian and Christian motives. These recognizable looks fit perfectly with modern designs that immediately take on sophistication and grace.

Incredible beauty at affordable prices

  • Miray’s breathable wallpapers create an extraordinary sense of presence. Amazingly realistic images are possible thanks to seamless patterns, original textures (matte or glossy) and the use of high-quality paints – with their help, sensual depth in tones, contrasting colors, smooth combinations and soft gradations in shades are achieved. This is genuine live music of artistic skill!
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