• Watercolor is a paint that creates unforgettable paintings. Translucent, delicate colors flowing into each other are very aesthetically pleasing. The print, which depicts a watercolor drawing, looks low-key, as smoky, muted tones prevail in the collection. But you can also choose bright colors that even more clearly emphasize your individuality.
  • Watercolors by their nature are distinguished by their tenderness, the drawing usually adjusts to a positive mood, does not create a strain on the eyes. These paints will fit into any room.
  • We offer harmonizing and soothing colors, shades, tones. You can adapt the print to the parameters of the room. Watercolors depict abstract views, paintings have integrity. You can choose and buy wallpaper with watercolors by examining our catalog.
  • Our store employs designers who are able to detect the aesthetic preferences of the customer. If you like bright colors, we will offer at least several types of such wallpapers at an affordable price. If you want to decorate a room with a pattern with pastel shades, there are such options in our catalog.
  • Wallpapers do not fade, they are environmentally friendly and meet all local and international quality standards and criteria.
  • MIRAY is a store offering truly unique wallpapers. You won’t find any more like that. And watercolor is a good choice for any interior style. The space will visually expand thanks to the spaces shown in the drawings.
  • Our employees are experienced and know how to do a good job in a short time. The company is distinguished by efficiency, diligence, quality of work and speed. Our works are already decorating the walls of houses and apartments of many buyers.
  • We have exhibited works in which we put our soul and creative energy. You can order goods from us at an affordable price, delivery is fast.
  • We recommend that you consult with our masters in advance.
  • Our phones are indicated in the “Contacts” section. You can call any of them when it is convenient for you. Telephone consultation is free.
  • We will tell you in detail about the materials, design, characteristics, methods of purchase, payment and delivery of wallpaper. The specialists working in the company know how to communicate with clients and find common ground. We will help you unleash your creativity.
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