• A geographic map on the wall opens up perspective and gives you a sense of perspective. Choose vinyl wallpaper with a world map in a wide variety of artistic variations, or focus on the closest in spirit territory or aesthetics that you cannot resist.
  • In our catalog you will find photowall-paper with modern countries in various colors and unique stylization, with decorative cards with imitation of watercolor, flower garden, graphic, abstract – for every taste and choice. The most interesting part is that you can go back in time in history and find out what the world looked like before, for this we have a photo wallpaper with ancient and old maps from the 1700s.
  • You can plan your future trip by pasting these colorful geographic designs and making them a feature of your room. Visit the amazing cities of Europe and America, the wonderful beaches of Namibia or Sri Lanka, vibrant Hawaii, go on a trip to Australia, Asia or Africa.
  • And if you want your child to be well-versed in geography, place them in the nursery.
  • Looking for the perfect way to add a global perspective to your room?
  • Wallpaper with a world map is a great solution. We have a great selection of images with a large map of the world. We have a choice of classic, agricultural-style world maps to black and white world maps.
  • Miray Map Wallpaper has been designed not only for the home or office, but also for the study room. Easy installation, high quality materials and stunning print details easily outperform other offerings on the market. Define a new worldview for yourself, students, family or team with an immersive mural from our catalog! Anyone can handle and understand maps, and the wall-to-wall map mural inspires conversations for people of all backgrounds and ages. Our collection of map murals is ideal for an interior design project, whether artistic or educational.
  • Our photomurals with various textures of your choice will amaze you with their quality, environmental friendliness and beauty, we will select the color, size, and price for you.