Little animals

  • Kind llamas, butterflies painted in watercolors, funny koalas and impressive African animals – cute animals from our wallpapers will keep your child company and will be an excellent addition to the interior of a child’s room. We have specially adapted the design for the youngest connoisseurs of beauty: pastel colors, harmonious graphics, neat lines.
  • Our catalog contains wallpapers in various styles – from minimalistic to highly detailed, from pastel to bright. But all of them, no doubt, will please the child. Especially if he loves animals.
  • All wallpapers for a children’s room, which you can buy in our store, are completely safe and meet sanitary and hygienic standards. They are made from hypoallergenic materials that do not emit harmful substances. For example, we use a European base with various textures and Japanese paints.
  • The materials are not only safe, but also durable. The wallpaper will retain the brightness and saturation of colors for a long time – they do not fade under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and do not decay over time. The child will grow up, and the children’s room will remain as beautiful as on the first day after the completion of the renovation.
  • You can order a truly individual wallpaper for a children’s room from us at an affordable price. Our designers adapt them to the dimensions of the wall (just indicate its width and height when ordering), and can, if necessary, make changes to the pattern – for example, repaint any element. At the same time, wallpaper is made quickly – as a rule, they are ready the next day. Wallpaper delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine and outside the country.
  • Still have any questions? Just call us on one of the phones listed in the “Contacts” section. We are ready to give professional advice on any question about materials, characteristics of wallpaper, methods of purchase, payment and delivery.