• See the whole picture! With our panoramic wallpaper, you can easily transform a very large surface into a stunning perspective, and it is truly the ideal solution for offices, shops, hotels and restaurants.
  • If you have a particularly wide wall at your disposal and you don’t know what to do with it, our panoramic wallpaper should be your number 1 choice! These large-scale, high-resolution images will make you feel like staring from a vantage point to the best corners of our planet.
  • Themes and motives
    The collection of wall paintings in the Miray catalog can dramatically transform your space by taking your wall decor to the next level! Enjoy our panoramic photo wallpapers: from the impressive metropolitan areas of America – New York or Chicago – with skyscrapers at sunset to a quiet forest by the lake, from vineyards in Tuscany to an African waterfall and the legendary Mount Fuji. We can offer just a living image of a herd of horses galloping to activate your hidden resources, or, if you are attracted by minimalism – an amazing graphic Industrial landscape on a gorgeous blue background. Our collection is so diverse that it can satisfy any interior design need.

How to use panoramic scenes

  • Whether you have a long wall in your home that needs attention, or a huge office space where more life needs to be brought in, you will be interested in our range of beautiful panoramic wallpaper. Our selection of wonderful wall art can be used for large walls, and there’s also potential for framing if your wall is slightly smaller. Panoramic wallpapers don’t just add depth and style, they are also easy to use to wrap an entire room – small or large. Panoramas are great art décor for businesses, cafeterias, large corporations, and create stunning views at the entrance, hallway, or basement of your home.
  • The high quality of our products is confirmed by certificates. These are elite ecological vinyl wallpapers and eco paints from Europe, bright and resistant colors, washable, durable surfaces. We guarantee fast order fulfillment, successful delivery, positive prices and customer support at the highest level!
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